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IT consulting

Well-built IT infrastructure provides an effective management tool in any field of activity. This is a necessary level of data processing speed, interaction of all links in the production chain, including both the internal environment of the organization (management and employees) and external (suppliers and customers).

Expert evaluation and recommendations for the choice of technology - that's what we offer for your company. Our experience and knowledge will help you to improve according to the needs of your organization.

Consulting services in the IT sphere include a whole range of activities, we start with a project expertise in the field of information technology: recommendations for the selection of technologies, architecture, tools and products.

Do you need help in forming an IT strategy? You have come to the right place. Our specialists will conduct a full audit of information security and only after that will give recommendations on the optimal selection of technologies and platforms.

Software specifications or technical task (TT) - the main document for the development of software, enterprise applications, information systems or the creation of a web resource. TT contains the main technical requirements for the future software product, as well as additional information for development.

In the TT for software development are indicated:

Writing a TT with all the requirements of your business is our task.

But our work does not end there. We provide support at all stages of the functioning of your company. And the creation of an optimal environment, an efficiently functioning enterprise, through the introduction of both new complex business applications and their seamless integration into an already operating IT infrastructure is our ultimate goal.

So, clearly formulated tasks at all stages:

Starting a business - professional audit of the hardware and software environment, compliance with their business objectives and market environment.

Expansion of activities - planning and implementation of business applications, their integration into the existing IT infrastructure.

Current operations - we solve the problems of the proper functioning of the IT infrastructure, you completely concentrate on your business goals.

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